Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bloom's Taxonomy E-Course [Simplified]

Bloom's Taxonomy
Created this course to learn and understand the goals of learning process i.e, after learning, the learner should have acquired a new skill, knowledge, and/or attitude.

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  1. Clear and easy to follow. Additionally, the graphics are large and pleasing. Regarding the topic... you might find the comments in this blog of interest:

    As a long time educator, I can appreciate both the benefits as well as the limitations of Bloom's. I realize this is outside the focus of your program which is to introduce a basic
    but still you might find the comments interesting. Bloom's was seen as a Major conceptual break down of learning when it was developed. How people learn is an endlessly debated topic so it is no wonder while it once stood alone as a Model, now there is competition.

    1. Thanks Robin for viewing the course, I will look at the link.
      It's true, now there are many competitors.
      If you have any e-course to make, do let me know )