Monday, June 20, 2016

World History Quiz [Gamification Demo]

Hello Everyone!

It's my first attempt to create quiz with game mechanics on the topic of World History. This is a demo quiz, full version will have 10 questions on each level and if user succeed to correctly answer more than 7 questions on each level, only then the Golden coin will be awarded. (a learner is motivated because they want to obtain something, whether it be an intangible good or a tangible item.) Map, location icons, live score card and gold coins will keep the user engaged in the course.

This quiz can be customize for an age group or with any other topic for eg. coins can be replaced with popular action figures for kids. Topic and questions can be replaced with other learning content. Possibilities are endless.

Created everything within one slide with use of layers. Now users can provide their name and choose their own avatar. Images of two characters are used from
Take a look and share your view )

Click to Play!


  1. Nice job. BTW, Google Drive links will no longer work in a few weeks. Here's a post on how to use Amazon S3 as a solution to host courses.

    1. Thanks Tom,
      I know but google drive's link will be available till 31st August, right?